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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Secret Millionaire Grace Groner Donated $7M to Alma Mater Lake Forest College

Grace Groner, a woman who lived in a one-bedroom house in Lake Forest but a secret millionaire, donated $7 million to her Alma mater Lake Forest College at Illinois when she died last January at the age of 100.

Groner, who never got married and never had children finished liberal arts school at Lake Forest College in 1931. She made her fortune after purchasing three $60 stocks of Abbot Laboratories in 1935 where she worked as a secretary for 43 years.

Her donation will help 1,300 students of Lake Forest College take internships and study abroad, experiences that many of them would never have had without her help.

Below is the video report about the story of Grace Groner from ABC's Good Morning America.

Her story truly inspires me and I hope that it also inspires you. This only proves that making money is not the wealthiest way of living but it is how you spend it.

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