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Monday, September 28, 2009

Storm Ondoy death increased to 100 but Donations pour

Tropical storm Ondoy death toll increased to 100, as reported by National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) this Monday morning. However, it is expected to increase more as search and rescue operation continues.

Meanwhile, 32 people are still missing and there may have been others not yet reported. So far, there are places not yet being reached due to high waters. Most of them are from Marikina and Rizal, although some areas in Bulacan and Pampanga are still flooded.

Meanwhile, Provident Village is one area where residents were greatly affected. It was reported that even artists and actors suffered from Ondoy. Actress Christine Reyes was said to be on the rooftop of their house for more than 6 hrs, together with other relatives. She was later rescued through the help of fellow actor Richard Guttierez.

Damage to property was initially reported at P60 million, including P41.1 million in damage to infrastructure, P19.2 million in damage to schools, and P212,000 in damage to agriculture. But the good news is donations are pouring from the government and elsewhere.

GMA 7 and ABS CBN are only some top media companies that are using their manpower and resources to gather help and donation from concerned citizens and groups as well. Although different government agencies are doing their best to serve the helpless, Filipinos from different walks of life also share whatever they can. This includes clothing, food, drinking water, and medicine. Donations are expected to continue as long as there are people in need.

If you would like to donate or help in other ways, you can check out Help for Typhoon Ondoy Victims in the Philippines.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy left Philippines with High Death Toll and Floods

Tropical storm Ondoy already left the Philippines since Sunday morning, but with a high death toll and highly flooded areas. According to National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) reports, at least 52 were reported dead and 21 people missing. In Rizal province alone, 42 people were killed and many others are still missing.

In Manila, almost 80 percent were greatly affected which is around 12 million people. So far, more than 4,000 people had been rescued from their homes by helicopter and rubber boats. Adding the nearby provinces , more than 41,000 people are now in 92 evacuation centers. Power has been cut in most areas of Metro Manila to avoid people be electrocuted by fallen electrical lines while escaping the high floods.

National Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro said that efforts of the civil defense will focus on the relief operation and rescuing people who are still trapped on roofs. He is also appealing to them to cooperate calmly and leave their homes. Otherwise, they will be forced by the military and the police since it will for their own safety. In addition, Teodoro advised stranded civilians to remain on the roof and wait for the rescuers to come.

As also announced by National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) this Sunday morning, classes on Monday will be suspended in the affected areas in Metro Manila and Rizal province which are still considered not passable for vehicles. Earlier, Commission on Higher Education (CHED)announced the classes for the tertiary level be suspended on Monday in National Capital Region (NCR) and Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) area.

According to PAGASA, Ondoy is only at Storm signal number one but it is the non-stop rain that caused the high floods surrounding Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It is the 15th tropical storm this year with only 95 kph which is not really strong.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Manny to Sue Floyd Sr for the Steroids issue

It is quite impossible that Manny Pacquiao will fight Mayweather Jr since the Pacquiao-Cotto will be the last fight for the reigning Pound for Pound King. However, it seems that Pacquiao will fight against Mayweather Sr, but this may be in court.

Recently, Mayweather Sr thinks that Manny Pacquiao is taking steroids, as said in a Grand Rapids Press interview. According to him, he noticed that Manny's head is getting bigger than before which may be a sign that Manny is really taking steroids. In addition, he said that Pacman lacks skills and talent to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Apparently, Coach Freddie Roach denied the accusation and said that Manny is taking tests and none of them has proved that his favorite boxer is taking steroids. Meanwhile, Manny even said he do not know the shape or color of such steroids. If there is one that makes him strong inside the ring, it is the kind of foods he eat. Pacman has been very vocal about his diet, and among the list of his source of strength are rice, meat, fruits, and soup.

For Manny, he feels that Mayweather Sr is making a gimmick to increase the sales of the Mayweather-Marquez fight. And of course, he wants Manny to fight his son, Floyd Jr.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Make Money Online by Asking for Donations

There are a lot of ways to make money online, and asking for donations is one of them. However, this can be an endless debate since asking money from others may not look good to others.

In my case, I asked donations online last January when my wife and daughter suffered from Dengue Fever. Beside the pain, I was very worried about the expenses because my wife was scheduled for blood transfusion. I don't have a permanent job and we were only relying on a very small business that we just started.

Anyway, I was very happy that the donation from fellow bloggers overflow together with their prayers. The response was very fast, and me and my family really appreciated those whose who helped. With this, I can say asking for donations is really a good way to make money online.

On the other hand, there are bloggers who have a donation button on their blog. They have different reasons, however. Others claim that they have a foundation to help others. Unfortunately, there are others who are using this opportunity just to fool others.

In the end, I don't think there's nothing wrong with asking for donations, as long as the reason is valid and for real. After all, the choice of giving depends of the giver. It is a freedom for all.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Is it: Michael Jackson New Song coming soon

Sony Entertainment is scheduled to release the new song of the Michael Jackson entitled This Is It this coming October 12. According to MSN Entertainment News, the song will feature the backing vocals of the Jackson brothers.

Two weeks after, a two-disc set will be released which will include the scenes from the rehearsals of the King of Pop for his supposed concert in London, as well as some of the greatest hits from his career. Additionally, there will be songs that Michael had never released and his poem named Planet Earth.

Earlier in the recent 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where Janet Jackson is also present, the trailer of the said album was shown as an official tribute to Michael Jackson. This is a reminder for the nominees for the different awards that once in their lifetime, a pop icon was alive to inspire them.

"Michael Jackson: This Is It", the film tribute will be released on October 28 on a limited two-week theater showing worldwide.

As we all know, Michael Jackson died on June 25. His memories will always be remembered not only by fans, but also the whole music industry.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto: Roach starts the Game Plan in Bagiuo City

Coach Freddie Roach just arrived from the US to start the game plan of Manny Pacquiao against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico this coming November 14,2009. According to GMA News, Roach is really amazed how Pacman seem to be very fit during the training.

Although he is really not comfortable seeing Manny do the training here due to lots of distractions, Coach Freddie is still confident that the pound-for-pound king will be in his best shape during the fight. During the next 4 weeks, Team Pacquiao will still be in Baguio City and will continue the training in the middle of October.

But before they leave, two spar mates will be coming on Sunday as carefully chosen by Coach Freddie Roach. Later next week, Top Rank big boss Bob Arum is set to arrive to support the promotion of the fight.

On the other hand, World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight king Miguel Cotto is now in Tampa, Florida for his 8-week training.

With both parties getting prepared as the fight of the year is coming near, boxing fans will surely enjoy the fight.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I finally met Marhgil Macuha in person

If you are a Filipino blogger or aspiring to be one, then you should meet the successful ones so you can be inspired more. I have been blogging for two years, and I must admit that I would like to meet some of them. This is why I felt very honored when I finally met Marhgil Macuha in person. In case you don't know him, he is the blogger behind who is very successful in making money online from Google Adsense.

This happened last Saturday when I attended the first blogging event held at SM Lipa, Batangas, which is very near to our place. Actually, the event is a dream come true for JR Cantos of since his aim is to have a grand eyeball for Batangueno bloggers.

Anyway, I had a short talk with Marhgil and I noticed that he is very humble and a down-to-earth person. He wears simple clothes and talks softly. I can also say that he is really enjoying his blogging career and very helpful to his fellow Filipino bloggers. In fact, he even shared some tips on how to make money online when he spoke on the stage.

But of course, it is also my pleasure to meet Itot for the first time who is also a fellow Pinoy blogger and very close to my heart.

With this, thank you for your time and I hope we can meet again.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Age Limit: A Job Applicant Barrier?

I don't know about your place, but I suppose age limit has been a barrier for people who are looking for a new job especially here in the Philippines. If you will look at at the job vacancies here, you will find that they have a required age limit for most positions which I find it odd. Although I know there are some positions that require younger workers and employees, I still cannot understand why they should be very specific.

For example, I saw a job vacancy for supervisors and their age limit requirement is from 25 to 35. Does this mean that a 36-year old supervisor will not be efficient, and a 25-year old applicant is more preferable? Yes, I know what you mean. This age limit may only be a reference, and any applicant close to the age limit requirement can still be hired. However, some companies are very strict and don't have any consideration. This gave some applicants some doubts before they apply for a position, even though they feel that they are qualified.

I am now 43 years old, jobless, and has been looking for a job for more than 7 months. And yes, I can read your mind. You are thinking that I am just sour graping over the issue of having age limit requirement for job vacancies, and you might think that I consider this as a barrier to find me a job.

Well, I must admit sometimes I wonder why there should be a need to have such age limit to be able to work efficiently. I even think companies will benefit more if they hire older people, especially if the position requires difficult decision making and has a lot of pressure.

What do you think?

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My Blog is on the First Page of Google

Yes, my dear readers. I am happy to announced that my blog is on the first page of Google, and I am still glad although it was only in the Philippines. But before you raise your eyebrows, let me explain further.

Actually, it is my Father Blogger dot Com blog I am referring to and not this one. I noticed this when I signed-in my account at this morning to create this personal blog. Since it has been a long time that I visited my Blogger account, I decided to search the keyword blogger at Google Philippines.

I was surprised to see that my main blog appeared on the fifth slot, in which the first three slots went to the Blogger and Blogspot sites. The fourth one went to Pinoy Blogger Directory but currently has a problem, and they are still fixing it.

Therefore, every Filipino who will sign up or even start a blog using Blogger will notice my blog. They may visit it eventually since it also contains some blogging tips, which I mentioned about it on my tag line.

Anyway, I have yet to check my traffic to see if there were really visitors from Google Philippines who came to my blog using the keyword blogger.

Just the same, I just hope my own set of blogging tips can really help them. But of course, I also hope that my blog will stay there for a long time.

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Angel Cuala: Welcome to my Personal Blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. Although I have been blogging for more than two years, it's only now that I decide to have a personal blog. This means I will be blogging here about the things that I don't usually do on my other blogs.

People who know me well enough knows that I am talkative, jolly, and full of life. I never run out of stories to share, and can easily be friends with strangers. This is why I think it's now time to be more of myself, which I will do on this blog.

Here, you can read almost from anything to everything. Fellow bloggers who followed my blogging career but never met me, will know me better through this blog and I hope that they will not change and will still follow me here. It took a while for me to decide to have a personal blog since I am more of a talkative type with regards to things I really want to say.

But then, I suppose there's nothing more to hide now since almost all about my life has been exposed on my other blogs, as well as the interviews to me.

With this, I would like to welcome you all to my personal blog.




Welcome to my blogroll page. Here, you can find the blogs I like and most of them are Filipino blogggers. If you find yours in the list, I will be glad if you will also include my blog on your list.

If you want your blog to be included in the list, please leave a comment below. I welcome any kind of blog from local to foreign ones. However, I don't allow blogs with sexual and graphic contents. Your blog should be at least one month old and with more than 10 interesting posts.

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I will be updating this page as I find more interesting blogs to include.

Thank you and happy blogging!


About Angel Cuala

Hello everyone,

I am Angel Cuala and I am also the blogger behind Father Blogger dot Com. I also have an About Me page on that blog, but I would like to introduce myself here as an ordinary blogger.

Although my life story is quite sad, I am a very friendly person and I am not as serious as one can think. People who really know me knows how talkative and jolly I am. I love sharing my ideas about different topics, as well as the current issues.

With this, you can see me on this blog as the other side of a father blogger.

By the way, I am happy to announce that my life story is now in an inspirational book.

Hope you will be inspired.


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