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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto: Pacman to get $20 million

Top Rank and Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum was pleased to announced that Manny Pacquiao will get $20 million with his fight against Miguel Cotto this coming November 14, 2009. Astonishingly, the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight is considered as the richest fight of the year.

As described by Arum, Manny Pacquiao is a offensive machine and an explosive puncher. Cotto on the other hand has more power because he was a natural welterweight.

“Miguel is the bigger guy, and Manny might be vulnerable to Miguel’s left hand to the body and the head. It’s how Manny reacts to those left hands that will be the story of the fight.” Arum said. He added that the fight is expected to be a “very competitive fight with lots of action” that the fans would love.

Comparing their present training; Pacman seems to be playful in his training camp while Cotto trains with the concentration of Shaolin monk.

“Miguel is quite focused in training, especially for the big fights like this one,” according to his trainer Joe Santiago. After a month of training in Puerto Rico, Cotto will train a total of six more weeks in Tampa because it’s easy for him to concentrate.

Miguel Cotto, a record 34-1, and 27 by knockouts will bet his WBO welterweight championship belt, and will receive over $10 million in the said fight.

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