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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Life Story is now in an Inspirational Book

For the very first time, my life story is now in an Inspirational Book and it is truly my honor. Actually, the book is composed of 27 inspiring life stories of different bloggers around the world and was perfectly complied by Jenaisle who is also a fellow Filipino blogger.

Last year, I met her online and asked me if I want to share my life story which will be included in an inspirational book. Since I consider my childhood a very colorful one, I did not hesitate and readily share her the hardships during my childhood. After all, I really want to share it to everyone hoping that it can inspire others.
Nevertheless, my childhood is not really full of hardships as I also consider it as a miracle. I say this because there were people who came into my life when I needed them most, and when I did not even expected.

To give you an idea, I grew up with a broken family and started working at the age of 10 and lived where severe poverty is a common way of living. That time, anger has no place in my heart but rather the will to survive.

I knew that there will be time that I will be complete and my life will change, although I just don't know when and how. But I also knew I cannot accomplish my dreams by myself, and there will be someone who will support me in whatever I do and always believe in me. Although that someone is not a stranger to me, it took awhile before we really know each other completely.

If you're interested to know who that someone is, here is my life story as told by Jenaisle which she considered as An Angel in each One of us.

By the way, I am cordially inviting to buy a copy of the inspirational book entitled Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers from all over the World at Ebay.

I am sure you will also be inspired by other stories of fellow bloggers.

Post update: December 21, 2009

If you like to buy the book from me, I am willing to give you a decent discount. Just send me an email to afvc_623[at]yahoo[dot]com, or leave a comment on this post.

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Jena Isle said...

Congratulations Mon for being triumphant in all the challenges that had assailed you. Congrats too for being now a published author. Bravo to you and all your co-authors. All the best.

Angel Cuala said...

Thanks, Ms. Jena. Actually, I am the one should congrats you for doing a great job.

By the way, I think you thought me as Mon of Don't worry, people really used to interchange our names. lol!

Jena Isle said...

Sorry Angel, I just came from Mon's blog that was why...he he he...will be mailing your copy next week. Thanks.

Ramon said...

Jena, You are forgiven. It was really an honor for me if you always mistook me to be Angel. A brilliant writer I admire. Mon here at your service.