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Monday, October 26, 2009

Michael Jackson This Is it Movie: A Musical Mosaic?

This coming October 18,2009, the Michael Jackson This Is it Movie will finally be released worldwide which will run for 2 weeks only.

But then, there have been no advance previews, in which leaving ticket buyers guessing about what they'll see. The film was assembled from intended promo interviews, rehearsal tapes and behind-the-scenes footage planned for a future DVD of Jackson's never-to-be comeback series of 50 concerts.

According to director Kenny Ortega, the Michael Jackson This Is it movie is a musical mosaic.

"It's the puzzling together of remnants to create something that had continuity to it," Director Kenny Ortega says. "It borrows from both the documentary and the concert film idea, but it's neither of the two. … I said to Sony not to promote it as a concert film because it's going to confuse people. We never were a concert. We never got that far. We had three weeks left of rehearsal."

"Sometimes Michael was onstage, and the band was playing, but he wasn't singing. He was watching, listening," Ortega added. "But then he would start to sing (another time), and I had to paste things together to create a full beginning, middle and end performance." The movie will weave in video backgrounds that were designed to play on a giant concert screen, in which he calls the movie "a musical mosaic."

But no matter what it may look like, fans of Michael Jackson will definitely love it and cherish it for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, tickets are still on sale. You can visit the Michael Jackson This Is it official website for more details.

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