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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I want to quit smoking again

Yes, I want to quit smoking again. Actually, this is my 4th attempt and the last one was 10 years ago. I am now 43, and I know it's time to be serious about it. If you have not yet tried smoking, it will be difficult for you to understand why it is hard to quit smoking. But if you have been smoking for years and you want to quit like me, then welcome to the club.

Anyway, I started to smoke cigarettes when I was 16. That time, I was a street vendor selling cigarettes. My father is a heavy smoker, and I am helping my family through cigarette selling. Although it was wrong, my father did not stop me from smoking cigarettes but gave me some advises especially the bad effects of smoking.

But since he is also smoking, it was hard for him to convince me to stop and just keep on reminding me all the hazards of smoking. That time, I remember I smoke around 5 sticks a day and this increased gradually. Although there were people who advised me to stop, I did not bother to listen.

The first time I had a quit smoking plan was in 1992. This was when I plan to review for the board exams, and I want to be physically fit during the entire review classes. I remember that I stopped smoking instantly even without telling anyone, as I was very inspired to pass the board exams. Unfortunately, the board exams did not pursue since I lacked some legal documents. When the the examination day came, I went back to smoking.

The second time I decided to quit smoking was when I got married. I realized I now have to be responsible and quitting cigarette smoking is a good trait. However, the temptation was very tough to resist since almost all my co-employees and bosses are smokers. But of course, I don't blame them. I know it is me who should be strong enough to avoid being tempted.

The third and last time was when I was hospitalized due to pneumonia. The doctor said that I have been smoking too long, and my body now is starting to feel the bad effects of smoking. But then, I think I am now addictive to smoking and to quit smoking will be a very hard task.

However, I tried to regulate it and have a limit to my bad habit. I buy a pack every other day and I try to finish it within 2 days. At first, I thought it was effective since I am closely monitoring how many sticks of cigarettes I am consuming. But then, I realized it makes me even harder since I always have a stock on my pocket.

This time, I know that I already need help. Although some may say that discipline is the key to quit smoking, I think it is the resistance to temptation that is the hardest part. This is now what I am working so hard.

Right now, I am just happy that it has been 72 hours since I last smoke. I know the battle has just began, but I know I should be strong enough since I really want to quit smoking for good.

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