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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ondoy Donors: Beware of fake GMA Kapuso Foundation

Last night, I saw a very alarming episode at GMA 7 Imbestigator. According to the report, there are some opportunists who are taking advantage in the middle of the nation's recovery from Ondoy. It was known that there are people behind a fake GMA Kapuso Foundation who are asking donation from Ondoy donors.

Email is being sent to attract recipients to donate money to GMA Kapuso Foundation, but are not really members of the said organization. In the video below, you will watch the whole story.

Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize the names that were mentioned. A certain Percival Navoa is the one sending emails, and the bank account owner is Floriza Lucero. According to the email, donations will be sent at BPI Account of GMA Kapuso Foundation in which the real organization do not have.

If the allegations were true, then I think all of us should really be careful with our money. Before we send your donation, verify first if they are legitimate. Visit the original website or call to the given numbers.

If you are receiving such kind of mails, you can attached it to your email which you will send to the original organization's email address so that they can easily verify it.

But to those fake GMA Kapuso Foundation individuals or people using other certified organization just to fool people, here is my message.

You may escape from the authorities, but rest assured that someone very powerful above is watching you.

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