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Friday, October 23, 2009

Why you cannot Quit Smoking for Good

If you have been trying to quit smoking many times but still failed, then we share the same nightmare. I myself had tried three times, and doing my fourth one right now. I have done different quit smoking methods but still failed.

Some say it is just a mere commitment, while others say one must use some quit smoking products. However, I suppose I should know first why I cannot quit smoking for good. Is it because of the nicotine addiction, or is it because it is hard to change my daily habits? Here is what I found.

According to the related article by R. Michael Stone, cigarette smoking is a psychological addiction rather than a physical one. This means that it is the habit of cigarette smoking that is psychologically addictive, and that because of the physical addiction for cigarettes due to chemical substance called nicotine. He added that if cigarettes were physically addictive, the smoker would be adding more and more cigarettes to achieve whatever claimed benefit they provided which is not likely happening.

But here is what I found really interesting.

If a smoker stops for a long period of time, all the nicotine would be out of his system; which means that the addiction for nicotine was already broken. However, he may still go back to smoking anytime if we wishes to. Another clue that nicotine is not the motivator to smoke is the tendency for ex-smokers to resume smoking after a long period of time. Obviously, after an extended period of time, all the nicotine would be out of their system.

Therefore, the main reason why you and I cannot quit smoking for good is because of the Psychological Smoking Mechanism which is still alive inside the system of a former smoker. In that case, this is the one we should control.

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