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Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Is it: Michael Jackson New Song coming soon

Sony Entertainment is scheduled to release the new song of the Michael Jackson entitled This Is It this coming October 12. According to MSN Entertainment News, the song will feature the backing vocals of the Jackson brothers.

Two weeks after, a two-disc set will be released which will include the scenes from the rehearsals of the King of Pop for his supposed concert in London, as well as some of the greatest hits from his career. Additionally, there will be songs that Michael had never released and his poem named Planet Earth.

Earlier in the recent 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where Janet Jackson is also present, the trailer of the said album was shown as an official tribute to Michael Jackson. This is a reminder for the nominees for the different awards that once in their lifetime, a pop icon was alive to inspire them.

"Michael Jackson: This Is It", the film tribute will be released on October 28 on a limited two-week theater showing worldwide.

As we all know, Michael Jackson died on June 25. His memories will always be remembered not only by fans, but also the whole music industry.

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