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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Age Limit: A Job Applicant Barrier?

I don't know about your place, but I suppose age limit has been a barrier for people who are looking for a new job especially here in the Philippines. If you will look at at the job vacancies here, you will find that they have a required age limit for most positions which I find it odd. Although I know there are some positions that require younger workers and employees, I still cannot understand why they should be very specific.

For example, I saw a job vacancy for supervisors and their age limit requirement is from 25 to 35. Does this mean that a 36-year old supervisor will not be efficient, and a 25-year old applicant is more preferable? Yes, I know what you mean. This age limit may only be a reference, and any applicant close to the age limit requirement can still be hired. However, some companies are very strict and don't have any consideration. This gave some applicants some doubts before they apply for a position, even though they feel that they are qualified.

I am now 43 years old, jobless, and has been looking for a job for more than 7 months. And yes, I can read your mind. You are thinking that I am just sour graping over the issue of having age limit requirement for job vacancies, and you might think that I consider this as a barrier to find me a job.

Well, I must admit sometimes I wonder why there should be a need to have such age limit to be able to work efficiently. I even think companies will benefit more if they hire older people, especially if the position requires difficult decision making and has a lot of pressure.

What do you think?

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