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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Blog is on the First Page of Google

Yes, my dear readers. I am happy to announced that my blog is on the first page of Google, and I am still glad although it was only in the Philippines. But before you raise your eyebrows, let me explain further.

Actually, it is my Father Blogger dot Com blog I am referring to and not this one. I noticed this when I signed-in my account at this morning to create this personal blog. Since it has been a long time that I visited my Blogger account, I decided to search the keyword blogger at Google Philippines.

I was surprised to see that my main blog appeared on the fifth slot, in which the first three slots went to the Blogger and Blogspot sites. The fourth one went to Pinoy Blogger Directory but currently has a problem, and they are still fixing it.

Therefore, every Filipino who will sign up or even start a blog using Blogger will notice my blog. They may visit it eventually since it also contains some blogging tips, which I mentioned about it on my tag line.

Anyway, I have yet to check my traffic to see if there were really visitors from Google Philippines who came to my blog using the keyword blogger.

Just the same, I just hope my own set of blogging tips can really help them. But of course, I also hope that my blog will stay there for a long time.

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1 comment:

Roy said...

Congratulations Sir Angel!

'Blogger' is a broad keyword and you managed to land to the first page. That only means you're doing something right by sharing all those wonderful tips to us, your readers.