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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pilipinas now got a lot of Talent Search shows, so what’s next?

Last night, I was able to watch the latest talent search show on local TV. The show is Pilipinas Got Talent and aired on ABS-CBN 2. Interestingly, it is being shown simultaneously with Talentadong Pinoy (Talented Filipinos) by ABC5 and GMA7’s Bitoy Showtime.

Although GMA7’s Eat Bulaga which is longest running daily noontime TV in the world has a portion with the talent search, ABS-CBN 2 is doing great at It’s Showtime despite of some controversies.

I believe it is the Talentadong Pinoy that started the trend in accommodating different talents in one show. Meanwhile, ABS CBN 2 and GMA7 copied the concept and just trying to improve by adding some features.

With the rapid growth of different talent search shows here in the Philippines today, this only means that Filipinos are really talented. So what’s next?

If I count them correctly, I think there are now 6 existing talent search shows here in the Philippines and people with different talents flock from one talent search show to another. Some sing, perform magic trick and stunts, but most of them dance in groups. These talent search shows allows the contestants to market their talents, which gives them opportunities to have an additional income or a promising career.

However, I wonder if all of them have a good first screening part. I can see some singing contestants with no talent at all in singing, and they have the guts to perform live on TV. Maybe the staff of the show still approves them thinking that they can add entertainment to the audience, while the poor contestants don’t mind being humiliated since they are only after the consolation prize and exposure.

On the other hand, the audience will always be looking for something new. If some current talent search shows will not be managed carefully, they will be left out and will vanish instantly. We all know that having a talent search show is a very profitable business, but the investment is also very high. Filipinos are good copy cats but sometimes the purpose is not good, crab mentality that is.

But anyway, I am more concerned about the singing talents. I cannot sing well, but I am a music lover. I am amazed by Charice Pempengco who eventually captured Oprah’s heart, and I know she can still go farther. Again, I know that Filipinos are very talented and can be globally competitive given the right packaging and attitude.

However, I still believe that art requires originality and singers should have their own signature song. There must be a song composed exclusively for that singer that can be made popular through the ages. Otherwise, she may run out of songs to sing and will only be remembered as a talented singing idol and not a singer. Although she can go with the trend of remake songs, having a signature song is always better.

With that, I hope these talent search shows will also showcase songs with original composition. I wish they can bring back the Metro Pop Music Festival alive the way it used to be, or a similar show. I know there are a lot of great song composers out there just waiting for their chance to show their talents.

Unfortunately, I am not one of them although it is one of my frustrations.

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1 comment:

shameless said...

  Pliagarism is a crime. And in the of the two shows, "pirata" ang Talentadong Pinoy. ABS-CBN representatives flew all the way to Britain para lang makakuha ng LEGITIMATE and LEGAL franchise ng Britain's Got Talent. FYI:Britain's Got Talent was the very first to showcase various talents. Simoun Cowell is one of the juries.
  TP doesn't deserve to win ANY award. Kasi parang tinotolerate pa natin ang panggagaya. Suwerte nila hindi sila sinusumbong ng ABS. Haay. Pinoy talaga,o.