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Friday, February 5, 2010

I now have a Sony laptop

This year 2010 has started to me with a warm surprise, since I now have a Sony laptop. It's not totally brand new, but I really love it since it was a gift to me by someone very close to my heart.

For all you know, I sold my desktop PC last May 2009 when I got broke and it started when my wife and daughter suffered from Dengue fever at the same time a few months earlier. From that time on, I am just renting on an Internet cafe and my blogging time has been affected.

Anyway, the laptop is white and a Sony VAIO VGN-N130G model. It does not have a lot of multimedia controls and plugs, but it is all that I need for now. It's lightweight, and I suppose it is around 6 pounds only. I assume the dimensions are 15" x 10" x 1.5", and it just fit to the bag pack with a slot for laptops included in the gift. According to the specs, the battery life is 5.5 hrs but I have yet to discover it.

Except for the DVD slot which I tried at once, it also uses Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition for its Operating System, and I am not yet thinking of upgrading it. The keyboard is soft touch and the former owner seem to took good care of it.

It may be an old model to some, but I am very happy that I have a laptop and I will take good care of it. I will do my best to acquire an Internet service provider again soon.

I just wish that 2010 will be better year not only for me and my family, but also for all of us.

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Jan said...

Goodbye noisy internet cafes! Congrats, Angel. Happy blogging with your new super toy. :)

reginald de paz said...

wow sir...

pahiram ako ng laptop mo...


ArticleSpecialist said...

I didn't realize that you blogged without your own pc, which was seen on your photo. Everything looks normal, except for a short period of time when you haven't renewed your domain.

Lately I even noticed that you were so productive. Every day you posted an article on each of your blogs.

I think, after receiving the new laptop, you will be better at blogging than ever.

Angel Cuala said...

Jan - Actually, I still have to rent on an Internet cafe but I will work harder to have an ISP again.

And yes, they are a very noisy place and I wish the owners can control them...

Reg - Pwede hiram, punta ka dito samin at dito mo!

Mr. Art - I feel that blogging is already part of my system that I cannot take away. I just hope I can be better than I am as time goes by.

Thanks for your continuous support!

ArticleSpecialist said...

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Also, you can use '336 x 280 Large Rectangle' for the AdSense on your main section.

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Please check it.

Angel Cuala said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Mr.Art. I just replaced the ads, and also their location.

By the way, I checked your new site and found no ads at all. Maybe I only have some problems viewing them.

ArticleSpecialist said...

You're right! There are no ads on the HOME PAGE. Sorry, I forgot about it.

Please click on one of the links on the 'most recent updates' or 'categories' (in the sidebar) to see the ad formats that I said.

Angel Cuala said...

Yes, now I see them.

Anyway, I decided to change the side ads to 160x600 and transfer the main page ads to the top of the blog and make it bigger.

Anyway, I found a new job just in case you haven't seen yet my latest post about it.