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Monday, February 1, 2010

I Have a Girl Friend for More Than 25 Years

Yes, I have a girl friend for more than 25 years. Her name is Angelita and this is her real name. I am sure there's a very good reason why our names are the almost the same, and lasting this long maybe one of them.

And yes, I am happily married for more than 13 years and my wife knows about her. In fact, they eventually became friends too.

But if you think me and Angelita are not attracted to each other, then you're wrong. The attraction though is not what you are thinking, it's actually more than that.

With this, I invite you to read our one of a kind love story.

I met her when I was 17 when we transferred to their community in Quezon City after our house burned. I don't know her exact age until now, but I assume I am older than her by 4 years. That time, my father cannot afford to send me to school so I am helping them by selling cigarettes and fetching water for our neighbors. Angelita's family was one of my consistent customers, and that started a different kind of relationship. By the way, she is the eldest child in the family of three girls.

Unlike other teenagers who seem to be happy-go-lucky, Angelita prefers to stay at home cleaning their house and watching TV. Since we have no TV at home and we were just 2 houses away, I got used to watch TV in their house almost every night. Her family is very accommodating, and although they had some doubts later if I am courting Angelita. My family even thought so, but I am glad I did not. She's not my type,lol!

Anyway, we have a lot of common interests and the best one is to get off our place to live a better life. As you know, we lived in a slum area in Novaliches, Quezon City where poverty and crime are normal sight seeings. However, we also had fun moments like talking about our movie idols. Hers was Megastar Sharon Cuneta, and mine was the King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe, Jr. I made some poems for her before, and one of them is related to the movie Kahit Konting Pagtingin which starred by both actors. The title of the poem is Though a Little Bit of Love, which is the English meaning of the said movie title.

Years later, I had to move to pursue my college but we still maintain constant communication. She was among the first one to be happy when I graduated, and I owe a piece of my accomplishment to her. If I did not meet her, I might meet others who may be a bad influence to my studies.

Eventually, I met my true love and had my own family but my relationship with Angelita stays intact and getting even stronger. In fact, my family considers Angelita as a family member too. As I told my wife, getting jealous about Angelita is one thing she should not do. It is an absurd idea, and I will just die laughing.

But what bothers me somehow is that she is not getting any younger, and she does not yet found the man of her dreams. I am not even sure if she dreams about it, although I wish she would. I remember one time I asked her what kind of man she wants, and she said. I want someone like you, but not you..

By the way, you might wonder why I do not call our relationship as friendship. This is because it is beyond friendship, but not even close to a love relationship. It's hard to describe it but I made a poem for her more than a decade ago, entitled Thicker than Blood, wherein I gave the best explanation of our relationship.

Now that it has been 25 years since we met, I just wish our relationship will last another 25 years and even more. I am just glad that both of us reached our common goal which is to get off that place and live a more decent way of life.

Ironically, we never had a photo with only the two of us so I have nothing to share to you guys. Every time we tried to, there is always an obstruction and it feels weird.

But for the meantime, I wish she could have time to read this post. I know she will be happy to know how important she is to me, although she already knows it 25 years ago.

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Life Moto said...

Hi Bro , bitin where is the story? :) long time no see!

Angel Cuala said...

Medyo bitin ba? He he he...

Anyway, I really have a lot of stories about me and Angelita to share but I will save them for another post.

I am really very busy these days, which makes me a less blogger now.