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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle: Who will kill the other?

I must admit, I have never used an Amazon Kindle and using Apple iPad is not among my plans in the future. You may call me a Jurassic guy and I can forgive you for that. But I am not saying that I will never use any of these high tech gadgets. After all, they may be useful to me later one way or another.

But for the meantime, I find it interesting to compare the two based on my research. This may not only help me decide later, but also to those who are getting confused on which one is better.

So now, welcome to the Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle world and let's see who will kill the other.

Functionality and features

According to a guest post at Tech Crunch recently, one of the top 10 reasons why Apple iPad will kill Amazon Kindle is because of it being a multifunction device. This means we can browse, play games, and others. On the other hand, Amazon Kindle is basically just a reader. No more, no less.

Convenience of the user

Amazon Kindle is smaller in size than Apple iPad. It is also much lighter (0.6 lb only) than Apple iPad, which is 1.5 lbs. Therefore, it is obvious that Amazon Kindle won this part. However, MG Siegler personally played with one during its unveil last month, and said that it’s light enough that holding it with one hand is not a burden. But of course, it matters on how you hold it.

Price and economics in the long run

Amazon Kindle is cheaper than Apple iPad by around $10, but Nick Bilton of The New York Times says that Amazon Kindle is expensive for a single-purpose device. If one will be asked if he is willing to add $10 to enjoy more functionality of a device, what do you think will be his decision?

And now, here's my personal opinion seeing it on two different angles.

As a businessman, I will not kill other businesses. Instead, I will find more innovative ways to improve my product for my customers. This way, this will serve as a challenge to my competitors to improve more. The cost of product may be an issue since I will be needing more investment on my part. But if I can be able to market my product well enough, then I will not be worrying about the Return of Investment (ROI).

As a consumer, I will not buy things that I don't really need. Ten dollars to someone like me is big enough, and I would rather use it to a more useful product. But if the additional apps will be an advantage for me, then what is $10?. The thing is, we don't just buy things just because it's new but because it's useful to us. In this world of fast-changing technology, I am very sure that there will be another invention and the new ones will be better.

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