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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remake Songs: The Art to Save the Music Industry

If you are in the Philippines, you will notice that revival or remake songs are rampant today as compared than ever. I don’t know in your place, but I suppose it now consists of ninety percent of all the songs here in my country. There are still new songs but old songs are still better, which is why artists are reviving them.

Although remake songs add bonding time for me and my teenage daughter, I feel most of them were not done in good faith. I have been a music lover since my younger years, and I know there are had been remake songs before. However these days, I seldom appreciate the way old songs are being remake.

In fact, I see them as just an art to save the music industry. Let me elaborate further.
If you have been a music lover since the 80s, you now miss the New Wave and rock music. Pop music has been conquered by Michael Jackson with his all-time best selling album Thriller. Local and foreign love songs also hit the airwaves, and new albums are being released almost every month by different artists.

Similarly, big money is being spent to come up with attractive MTV. I even remember some songs were being used as Official Soundtrack (OST) for famous Hollywood films. They add spice to the movie and make them more unforgettable. Who will ever forget the songs The Moment of Truth for Karate kid and Eye of the Tiger for Rocky? Well, rap music is fine but most of them is about anger and has foul language.

Here in the Philippines, wonderful songs were being used as the movie title so as the movie theme song. But today, old songs are being remake and are being used as the title of a movie or telenovela. However, some old songs are being remake over and over again by different artists and with only a very short period of time in between them.

But why are remake songs a trend these days?

Is it because of the never ending industry of piracy that loses the interests of song composers? Is it because we rarely give credit to song composers, and they die poor? Is it because songs these days can easily be downloaded for free and producers don’t want to invest that much anymore? Is it because of the overcrowded talent search for singing, but none for song composers? Should we blame Vidoeoke and You Tube because anyone can sing any song easily?

For whatever reason, I still believe that music is an art but you cannot remake it. You need creativity and originality, and it does not matter if Lady Gaga looks weird to some of us. You cannot call someone a singer without his original signature song, although he can be called as song interpreter.

It is a must that we save the dying music industry, but it is also a must that we save the art of music.

Meanwhile, I prefer listening to old but original songs rather than remake songs that were made just to save the music industry.

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