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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Manny Villar: The Secret Presidential Candidate of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

Last night, I received a text message from a close relative and I know it is a forwarded message. It is about Manny Villar being accused as the secret presidential candidate of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and I am being requested to pass it on to others.

Instead of passing it, I asked a friend and I learned that she also received the same text message. We all know that today is the start of the Comelec-approved official campaign period for president, vice-president, senators, and party-list representatives.

Anyway, I assume that it is already being circulated everywhere. But before I make my comment about that text message, here it is and you can check if you also received the same.

Now the cat’s out of the bag…Manny Villar is the secret candidate of Pres. GMA…Mike Arroyo himself met with Manny Villar at the house of Mike Defensor last Jan. 7…Villar secretly agreed to make GMA as Speaker of the House and protect her should Villar win the presidency…Villar agreed to GMA’s offer of massive logistical support in GMA’s commissioners in the Comelec who will assure Villar’s victory…pls pass para di tayo maloko ulit…(pls pass so we will not be fooled again)

First of all, we must remember that President GMA decided to run for Congress this 2010 election for the 2nd district of her hometown Pampanga. According to Malacanang, it is the personal decision of the president since she wants to serve her constituents more. However, I think that she should run for Governor or Mayor if she feels that way. Both positions are executive which means she will only focus on a particular place or the whole Pampanga. On the other hand, a House representative is for the legislative department, which means being more of a law maker although she has the power to pursue some local projects.

Moreover, it can also be remembered that Manny Villar was the House Speaker when former president Joseph Erap Estrada was ousted courtesy of the so-called People Power 2. Eventually, the then vice president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo became the president instantly, which until now holds the office. Was that event a conspiracy and Villar acted as the bridge to its success? Is now pay back time for GMA, or the continuity of the conspiracy?

But if the text message is true, who started it and does he have a solid proof? If so, why not file a case against President Arroyo and Manny Villar instead of just using the technology? Or is it just another black propaganda against Manny Villar since he is now getting close to lead the survey for president against Noynoy Aquino? Does this mean that administration presidential candidate Gilbert Gibo Teodoro is just playing around to cover up the secret?

There are a lot of questions that needs to get accurate answers. But then, I also hope that the Filipino people should be careful before they believe on something. I am not saying that the accusation is impossible, but it needs to be investigated further before we react.

I am not making this post to sensationalize this issue, nor to destroy one’s character. I made this post to inform the public that there is such an accusation, and we must not ignore it. I am not suggesting you to pass this on, but rather to be a keen observer.

Although the presidency alone cannot control our lives and future, it is still our right to protect our country from corrupt leaders and people who will evade our freedom. All of us should act as one to make our economy grow, instead of pointing fingers to others. But still, crime does not pay and someone should pay for his wrongdoings once proven guilty.

In the end, I strongly suggest that you know how to vote wisely.

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mary joy said...

hopeless ang mga pilipino kapag ipinagpatuloy nila ang paninira sa mga inosenting tao katulad ni manny Villar!!!