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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Philippine Automated Election Guide now released

The 2010 Philippine Automated Election Guide was now released by Commission on Elections (Comelec), and it came out just before 2009 ended.

We must realize that this will be the first fully automated election here in the Philippines. We must anticipate the confusion that may occur, which will lead to more serious troubles.

In related to that, below is a landscape image illustrating the step-by-step procedure that will guide the voters. This was created by as their commitment to provide assistance in the upcoming election in May, 2010.

Image from

As you can see, there will be an instruction that will be given by the Board of Election Inspectors. We must listen carefully since it is about filling up the ballot properly.

In addition, the BEI will allow for another re-entry only once. This means that the ballot can only be rejected once. Otherwise, the voter will not be issued a replacement ballot.

To read the complete election guide and to know the whole activity during the election, I strongly suggest you visit here.

But more importantly, you should know how to vote wisely.

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