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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Noynoy Aquino vs Manny Villar for President 2010: From SWS Survey to Facebook

The Philippine election 2010 fever is getting hotter as it gets closer. Supporters of each candidate are even more getting ready for the campaign period.

Apparently, the selection for the next president of the Philippines, it seems that the Noynoy Aquino vs Manny Villar is always on the spotlight.

According to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) Survey, Manny Villar is now getting closer to Noynoy Aquino although the latter has always taken the lead.

Interestingly, the competition between the two reached social networking sites such as Facebook.

As of this moment, Manny Villar has 326,139 Facebook fans while Noynoy Aquino has 376,578. Both are also enjoying inspiring comments and supports, athough some of them include issues against each other. With this, I think their rivalry also help each other since more Filipinos are getting interested to know them better.

Noynoy Aquino is somehow new in politics, but his parents had a great contribution to the freedom of the country and it is that image that he is trying to follow. Recently, a TV ads of Noynoy shows that he is promising to GOD and the Filipino people that he will be honest and will not be involved in any kind of corruption. This is the first time I knew someone running for president who have the guts to make such move, and it is very admirable to me.

On the other hand, Manny Villar is also using the TV ads to reach the masses and he has been effective so far. Even my 8-year old son knows the lyrics of the song. Villar, not having popular parents like Noynoy said that spending big money for ads is just normal and I agree with him. However, some have doubts on how he can get his money back. Apparently, Manny Villar is known to be a very good businessman and this is a very big factor to convince the voters that he can help the economy grow.

Although both of them are currently senators of the Philippines, Manny Villar has a wider experience than Noynoy Aquino and the former was once a senate president.

However, Filipino voters should also not forget that there are other presidential candidates and it is also our right to know them. They may not be as popular as Noynoy and Villar, but I think they deserve to be heard. I am hoping that they can also reach out to everybody like Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar are doing.

Lastly, I am not here to announce whom I am going to vote nor to endorse anyone. I also choose not to say anything against any of them online since I have no solid proof.

In fact, I am still trying to know all of them better. All I am trying to say is that all of us should know how to vote wisely.

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Ric said...

Villar is the man. He has a hands-on experience in Leadership and Management. He will not undergo OJT in running the country. He will not be at the mercy of the so-called advisers and the relatives incorporated.

If you have time, please publish a comparative table of concrete performance of Noynoy and Villar when they were both members of the House of Representatives, and when they were both members of the Senate. This will help the Filipino voters in making their decision.

With the automation of the coming election, the "dagdag-bawas" scheme will become a past and I'm sure the millions of pesos of the Lakas-Kampi will just go to the pockets of the local political leaders that will shift their alliances to either Villar or Aquino on the 11th hour.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Between the two, I choose Manny Villar because he is the logical choice to succeed as president, very much like Fidel Ramos. To dream that we can have an honest to goodness president who will not steal cookies from the cookie jar is plain and simple wishful thinking. But not at the amount GMA and her husband are doing. They were willing to sell the Philippines to the highest bidder just so they can collect their billions of dollars in kickbacks and commissions. Regarding Noynoy, he was a virtual nonentity before the death of Cory Aquino and he has no outstanding performance as a legislator both in the House and Senate. He was totally outclassed by Chiz Escudero and Allen Peter Cayetano. Not all honest and non stealing people can become an effective President. Cory did not steal but her Kamaganak, Inc. did. And we remember her for the long brownouts that were the regular fare during her presidency. The tendency of Noynoy to shoot first and then ask questions later is cause for concern. Without consulting his advisers, he blurted out to the media that he will not recognize any appointee of PGMA as head of the Supreme Court if he is elected. What does he think he is, in a revolutionary government like her mom who abolished the entire Supreme Court when she was installed as President? Don't get me wrong. I love Cory and I still do but I'm honest enough to admit that she did not succeed as President because of her vindictiveness. Any project tainted with the name of Marcos or Imelda were shove to the gutters and it was Fidel Ramos who benefited from the planned projects of the late dictator like the C-5 road. Manny Villar is a known success story and he has a vision for the country by concentrating on enterpreneurship as a vehicle for the nation's progress. I think he will make a better president than Noynoy Aquino. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

reginald de paz said...

I think the rivalry between this two, Gibo will benifit... IMHO...

Ramon Guico said...

Well, I'm just hope for a clean and safe election this 2010. And who ever wins as the race for presidency, I wish he/she can change our country from its current state. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.