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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delivery boy wins P111 million Super Lotto

A lucky delivery boy from Parañaque City wins P111 million in the Super Lotto last December 29, 2009, which is a project of PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office).

To be exact, the 37-year old delivery boy who is a husband with three children won P111,242,358 (nearly $2.43 million) and he claimed his prize last Monday afternoon. His identity was not revealed for security reasons though.

The winning combination was 15-27-17-37-18-11. Among the winning numbers were the winner’s house number, birth date of his girlfriend, and his favorite number, 37.

According to PCSO spokesman Larry Cedro, the lucky winner bought the ticket at the Randy Alejandro Franco outlet in Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque City.

"He plans to donate P1 million to charity. All the rest, he said he will deposit to a bank," said Cedro. "He did not say, however, whether he will quit his job or not. He has no immediate plans about it."

Incidentally, he is the 5th player to win over P100 million since January last year, and 169th winner of the Super lotto game since it was launched in 2000.

Aside from the solo jackpot winner, 78 other players picked the 5-digit combination, while 14,193 won the 4-digit combination.

Well, what can I say other than Congratulations!

I just wish he will make the most of his money and spend it wisely.

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