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Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 10 US Companies to work for in 2010

This year is set to be another hard year for employers and businesses especially in the US. However, there are companies that do not seem to be affected with the economic slowdown and still continue to grow.

Apparently, here is the top 10 US Companies to work for in 2010 according to Fortune Magazine.

You will notice that there were some of them who maintained their rank from last year, and there were some that even rose to the top.

1.0 SAS (Previous rank: 20)

One of the Best Companies for all 13 years, SAS boasts a laundry list of benefits which include high-quality child care at $410 a month, 90% coverage of the health insurance premium, unlimited sick days, a medical center staffed by four physicians and 10 nurse practitioners (at no cost to employees), a free 66,000-square-foot fitness center and natatorium, a lending library, and a summer camp for children.

SAS is highly profitable and ranks as the world’s largest privately owned software company.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 2,300**

2.0 Edward Jones (Previous rank: 2)

The investment adviser weathered the recession without closing one of its 12,615 offices or laying off a single employee. Salaries were frozen, but profit sharing continued.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 3,859

3.0 Wegmans Food Markets (Previous rank: 5)

One of the best groceries in the US, and ranked top 1 in 2005, and has never had a layoff in its 94-year history. More than 4,000 employees, 11% of the workforce, have been here more than 15 years.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 4,807

4.0 Google (Previous rank: 4)

Yes, Google. The king of all search engines is hiring again. In fact, Google plans to add thousands of employees to its payroll in 2010. Though a few perks have been cut in recent years, its engineers still get to devote 20% of their time to projects of their choosing.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 21,795

5.0 Nugget Market (Previous rank: 10)

The tough economy prompted the supermarket chain to help associates by giving them cards good for 10% discounts on $500 of groceries every month.

2008 revenue
($ millions): 287

6.0 DreamWorks Animation (Previous rank: 47)

Animators love the culture of collaboration and openness. Studio has upped releases from two a year to five every two years.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 650

7.0 NetApp (Previous rank: 1)

Execs increased efforts to take care of employees during a tough year, including an employee stock-option exchange and updates to incentive compensation.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 3,535

8.0 Boston Consulting Group (Previous rank: 3)

This management consultant is tops in pay and benefits; new consultants are able to earn up to $184,000.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 2,400

9.0 Qualcomm (Previous rank: 16)

Wireless pioneer works hard to provide an environment where good people can do their best work. Some elements include stock options on hire, baseball games, surfing lessons, kayaking tours, white-water rafting, bonfires, bowling, and volunteering opportunities.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 11,142

Camden Property Trust (Previous rank: 41)

After stock of apartment developer tanked from a high of $80 in 2006 to a low of $17 in 2009, founders Ric Campo and Keith Oden rallied workers across 13 states with messages such as Turn off CNBC - the moderators know less than you do about the way forward.

By year’s end the stock had rebounded to $42.

2008 revenue ($ millions): 624

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