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Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 Industries in US that will have the most Jobs in the next decade

While it is true that the world has yet to experience economic slowdown in 2010 according to experts, Bureau of Labor Statistics released the list of Top 10 Industries in US that will have the most jobs in the next decade.

According to the list, health care services or business services among those included that will create new jobs.

With this, it is interesting to know which industry can somehow be helpful to the economy growth. Although the data is for US only, this will have an impact on the world economy.

The summary below shows the percentage increase, the number of jobs created in 2008, and the possible number of jobs to be created until 2018. The top on the list has the highest percentage, while the last one with the lowest.

1.0 Management, scientific, and technical consulting services: 82.8% increase, from 1,009,000 to 1,844,000.

2.0 Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities: 73.8% increase, from 585,000 to 1,016,000.

3.0 Home health care services: 46.1% increase, from 958,000 to 1,399,000.

4.0 Computer systems design and related services: 45.3% increase, from 1,450,000 to 2,107,000.

5.0 Other general merchandise stores: 40.7% increase, from 1,490,000 to 2,097,000.

6.0 Offices of physicians: 34.1% increase, from 2,266,000 to 3,038,000.

7.0 Nursing care facilities: 24.4% increase, from 1,614,000 to 2,007,000.

8.0 Employment services: 19.1% increase, from 3,144,000 to 3,744,000.

9.0 Local government, excluding education and hospitals: 8.4% increase, from 5,819,000 to 6,306,000.

10.0 Full-service restaurants: 7.5% increase, from 4,598,000 to 4,942,000.

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