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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Making a lot of money but do not get rich

I am not rich, and I am not even making a lot of money. But then, I know some people who are making a lot of money but still do not get rich. Apparently, I met a few rich people who do not look like that they are making a lot of money.

If you are getting confused, then you should know the difference between the rich people and those who are making a lot of money but do not get rich.

First of all, some people who are making a lot of money used to live a simple life. But after they tasted the sweetness of money, their lifestyle changes. They started to enjoy life as if everyday is the last day of their lives.

They eat on a fine restaurant even on ordinary days. They buy the latest electronic gadgets to show off to their friends. They wear signature clothes as if they are the models of that brand. They do not buy properties because they do not know what to do with them. In short, they spend money on the things they do not really need and will depreciate sooner or later.

But how about the rich people? Yes, they spend a lot of money too and maybe even more. They play golf while dealing with fellow investors. They bring their clients to a first class restaurant to close a deal. They spend big money for advertisements and other marketing mediums, or to expand their businesses. If we try to analyze this, every penny that they spend is a form of investment.

Now, have you noticed the difference? The rich people spend money to make more money, while the ones who are only making a lot of money are simply spending. The worst thing is that the latter are spending money more than they are earning, and time may come that they will not be able to make a lot of money anymore.

Therefore, I can conclude that the ones who are not making a lot of money can also be rich someday. That is if they (we, rather) only know how to be a smart spender.

What do you think?

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cyndirellaz said...

i strongly agree with what you stated here, merong mga taong one day millionaire at minsan hindi na nila maiiwasan ang pagiging ganoon. It's actually an attitude, well everything have its consequences and sooner or later it's gonna be too late for them.

Angel Cuala said...

I am glad that you agree with my post.

Actually, I believe there are a lot of them especially those who really don't understand how money flows.