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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

JobStreet launched English Language Assessment to help Job Seekers

JobStreet recently launched it's latest value-added service to job seekers who would like to know how proficient they are in English through the English Language Assessment (JobStreet ELA).

In this feature, one can take the English language assessment with a total of 40 questions which is composed of Conversational, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Comprehension. Each category has 10 questions. You have a choice to practice first as many times through the same page or you can go directly to the assessment test if you wish.

Since I was curious to know how good I am in English, I tried the assessment after practicing once. Below is the result.

Total Questions Attempted: 40
Total Questions Correct: 35 (Conversational:8; Vocabulary:8; Grammar:10; Comprehension:9)

Total Questions Attempted: 40
Total Questions Correct: 33 (Conversational:8; Vocabulary:7; Grammar:10; Comprehension:8)

I am happy with the result but I think I still have to improve more.

So if you are looking for a job right now, I strongly suggest that you try this test. The results will help you a lot to evaluate yourself, and know which of the English skills you need to improve.

Nevertheless, I also suggest that you practice first before doing the assessment. This is because the assessment can only be made every 3 months.

If you're interested, you can proceed to this link below.

Don't worry, it's totally free courtesy of JobStreet.

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Chen Chow said...

Thanks for sharing on the JobStreet English Language Assessment. Good that you gave it a good try and share it with your blog readers! Appreciate it!

Best wishes from Product Manager of

Angel Cuala said...

You're welcome, Chen Chow.

It is my pleasure to share things that I think are worth to share.