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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Attention: The only Free Investment that you should pay a lot

If you are going to start a business, it is common knowledge that you have an investment to start with. But according to business experts, a smaller investment is better if you are a first timer.

In life, people also need investment that they can use in their future endeavors. Unfortunately, some people do not grab the opportunity and they thought that it will not be useful for them later on.

Apparently, there are a lot of free investments if we will only open our eyes. But then, there is only one free investment that you should pay a lot and this is called attention.

When we were kids, our parents usually remind us to be careful so that we do not hurt ourselves. But since we are not yet matured, we did not follow them. Therefore, it is the obligation of our parents to teach us how to pay a lot of attention.

During our school days, our teachers usually scold us if we are not listening to their lecture. Actually, they did not mean that we should only listen but also to pay a lot of attention. If you did not, you may still be successful someday but there are still times that you will need to use what you learned from school.

When we are attending mass or to any religious gathering, we do not go there just to listen but also to learn how to be a good citizen. And we can only do this if we pay a lot of attention. This is also a good way to analyze whether we are really in the right faith.

If there are politicians running for election, do not be blinded with their popularity and campaign strategy. Instead, listen to their platform of government and pay a lot of attention. This is one of the best ways to know if you should vote for them or not.

If a credit card agent approached you with her sweetest smile and colorful words, do not ask how much you can loan because she will not include how much you should pay. Instead, pay a lot of attention on the terms and conditions. Then think hard if you really need one.

If you are now wearing sliver gray hair and cannot work that hard anymore, fear not because it is never late to invest. Have time to hear the voices of the younger generation and pay a lot of attention. Don’t think that you will not be using them in the future. Well, maybe not you but your grandchildren.

Learning is not just about listening and reading. Investing is not just about money or property. If we want to get the fruit of our hard labor someday, we should start first by paying a lot of attention.

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