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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sexbomb dancers in Automated Election 2010 Instruction Video

As GMA7's continuous commitment to serve the Filipino people this coming automated election 2010, one of its greatest talents Sexbomb dancers is releasing an election instruction video on how to vote.

The music video below in which the song title is Bilog na hugis Itlog (Circle with an egg shape) was made to assist voters on how to vote using the automated system.

Aside for the instruction, the Sexbomb dancers also gave emphasis why our vote is very important and that we should vote wisely.

The song was written by Jobart Bartolome while the music was created by Jonathan Ong, which will be expected to be viewed regularly soon at GMA7 and QTV11.

On the other hand, COMELEC officials were happy and even danced with it.

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