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Monday, December 28, 2009

Father Blogger dot Com was 403 Forbidden

I have been busy this past few days, especially on Christmas Day. But sad to say, I was not with my family. While my family is in their hometown in Bulacan, I was busy selling toy lights and similar items on the streets of Lipa and Tananuan City, both in Batangas.

Anyway, just to inform you all that my Father Blogger dot Com was 403 Forbidden since Christmas Day until a few minutes ago. After reporting it to my host awhile ago, it was resumed and I do not know what the problem was.

I think this is the problem when a blogger is not online regularly since he will not be consistently aware on what's happening to his blog. Another problem is when you do not know enough the technical aspect of blogging, just like me.

I am just lucky enough to get support from my blogging friends.

Well, I think I should add more time in blogging although it may not be the way I used to.

But for now, I am glad that Father Blogger dot Com is alive again.

As for my family, we may see each other again on Wednesday.

Celebrating New Year's eve is one thing we never miss!

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