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Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to Pass the Final Job Interview

I have worked for more than 5 different companies with different kinds of industries such as electronics and automotive industry. I started as an Industrial Electrician, Technician, until I reached the supervisory position for Engineering and Manufacturing. I have been a supervisor for ten years, and one of my tasks is to do the final interview for production and engineering applicants.

I have been an employee for more than 15 years, and I have found a new job. I suppose I now have enough experience to give tips to job applicants on how to pass the final job interview.

They may not be assurance that you will be hired, but understanding each item will surely help a lot.

Know the important details of the company

On the first interview, it is usually the Human Resources Department (HRD) personnel that will interview you. It is more like getting to know about you, which includes confirming what is written in your resume. The final interview on the other hand, is more of what you can offer to help the company. You can share your ideas only if you know the important details of the company. This includes their product, system of management, and business history. Therefore, check their website and write them down. Also, find current or previous employees that you can ask for more details. Interviewers love applicants who know a lot about their company.

Dress appropriately

Dress appropriately depends on what position you are applying for. If it needs to be formal attire, then prepare for it. Choose the clothes that are not too flashy, but impressive enough. If you are applying for a laborer position, it does not mean you can wear anything. Be neat and presentable to the eyes of the interviewer. Remember that first impression last, and you will be judged you the way you present yourself. Therefore, wear clothes that represent your character and make sure you feel comfortable with them. Otherwise, the interviewer will notice that you’re not at ease and might think that you lack self confidence.

Come early

Some experts will tell you to come early at least 10 minutes before the scheduled interview, and I agree with them. This is for you to be more relaxed during the interview or to have time to go to the restroom to fix your self a bit more. This will also avoid you to be late in case of traffic or some road accident. However, this may also add pressure to you especially if there are other applicants that you will look better than you. In this case, talk with them so that you will have an idea on how you can project yourself better.

Maximize your time

Usually, the interviewer will require you to do is to introduce yourself for around a minute. Therefore, you should maximize your time and tell only the important information that they need to know. Focus on the credentials that you think may fit to their requirements, but don’t mention things that you cannot explain further. On the other hand, you do not need to explain them the full details of the technical skills you have since these interviewers are the top personnel of the company. They are more interested in how you present your self. They watch your body language and analyze how you choose the right words to say.

Don’t waste their time

Their time is more important than yours so don’t waste their time. Answer directly to the point and avoid pausing for a long time. Practice at home especially if you are a first time applicant. Search for the possible interview questions and prepare for the closest answer. Usually on the last part, you will be given the chance to ask so take it. However, never ask about the incentives that you may receive. Related questions are being discussed earlier, and salary agreement is after passing the final interview. Instead, ask questions that are related to the company like their status during economic crisis or their future plans about the company.

There is one important thing that you should understand before going to a final job interview. You are there because you are asking for a favor, and not the other way around. You may possess the qualities they need for the job, but it’s how you present them that matters most.

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