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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Justice for Maguindanao Massacre Victims: A Call to all Presidential Candidates

As the whole world is closely monitoring the development of the Maguindanao Massacre, me and my family are offering prayers for the immediate service of justice to all the victims. This is an act of evil that should never be tolerated, and should not happen again.

Although the government though the Department of Justice (DOJ) is now trying to solve this , I believe that this is also a call to all presidential candidates as this is just one of the difficult problems they will inherit when they get elected.

Photo credit to Associated Press

While we still have to wait for the official statement from the authorities after their investigation, it is obvious that this is an election-related violence since the group were to file the certificate of candidacy (COC) of Buluan vice mayor Ismael "Toto" Mangudadatu, who is running for provincial governor in election 2010.

The Ampatuans on the other hand, has the most elected officials and considered as the political nemesis of the Mangudadatus.

History tells us that Maguindanao is only one of the hottest spots during the election period but it seems that we never learn. This is why we should not also be surprise if the place has among the poorest towns in the Philippines.

First of all, is there really a need for huge private armies? Why not send more soldier troops to protect the entire Maguindanao instead of allowing powerful politicians only?

Let us also not forget there are more than 20 media people included in the list of victims? Are they just a sort of what we call collateral damage?

If we want to have peace, we should have justice. But then, we really cannot have peace while holding a gun. Therefore, I believe that we should now consider total gun ban very seriously especially during election period.

With this, I would like to hear the comment from all the presidential candidates. What will you do to make sure that this will not happen again?

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