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Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson This It Movie made $101 million in 5 days

Michael Jackson This It Movie pulled in $101 million around the world in its first five days, and distributor Sony expands the film beyond his farewell performance less than two weeks away.

"He's just loved everywhere on the planet," said Rory Bruer, head of distribution for Sony. "It doesn't matter if it's Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America. Every continent in the world loved him and his music."

In Britain, where Jackson had planned a series of 50 concerts in London from July, the film has earned £ 4.6m. In the United States, where it is number 1 at the box office, it took $ 32.5 million. The film has 10.4 million U.S. dollars in Japan, U.S. $ 6.3 million in Germany and 5.8 million in France.

This Is It captures Jackson backstage performances in the weeks before his death in June, as he felt for his performances in London. The studio paid $60 million for film rights for the video.

The film was scheduled for a theatrical journey of two weeks, but the studio has extended this week a little 'more in the United States and a country by country, however, with most of the territories, possibly starting one to three weeks of the time extra game, Bruer said.

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