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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pacquiao Cotto fight now on Pirated DVD

Yesterday, millions of boxing fans around the world watched the Pacquiao Cotto fight as Manny Pacquiao dominated the whole fight and beat Miguel Cotto with flying colors. Pacman has brought another honor to the Philippines when he set a new boxing record by being the first boxer to win seven titles from different divisions. This also proves that Pacquiao really deserves the title pound-for-pound king and one of the great boxers of all time.

While almost all of us were watching the fight, there were those who really need to work and was not able to watch. With all the glory and victory the Filipinos enjoy now, there are some who took advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, the Pacquiao Cotto fight is now on pirated DVD.

I realized this while a GMA 7 field reporter went to place where she saw a pirated copy, and interviewed a certain buyer. Take note that this is only a few hours after the said fight, and I am sure that there are also other places where pirated copies of the Pacquiao Cotto fight are available.

Actually, I already expected this but not this early. It seems that this disease is worst than H1 N1 and Dengue fever, which is really hard to cure. Obviously, the buyer could not show his face in front of the camera since this is really a shameful act. But what surprised me more is his claim that "all of us has the right to watch it". What a stupid answer!

While all of us are complaining about the corruption in the government and throwing stones to public officials, these sellers and buyers of pirated DVDs are exactly doing the same. We all know that piracy is one of the major reasons why our economy is getting worst, and I don't need to explain how. This is not only killing the entertainment industry, but also a great loss for artists, producers, and the staff.

With this, I just hope the next president will add more focus on this problem. But then, this is only NOT his responsibility but also to all of us. If we really want to help our economy grow, we should help to stop piracy.

And the best way to stop it is by not patronizing them. No matter how strict the law will be, there will always be piracy not unless we stop buying them.

If we really love our country, we should start now. To me, it only needs a political will.

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