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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI to take actions on Catholic Church scandal

Finally, after a bit of silence Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will take actions on Catholic Church scandal as reported on BBC News.

This is after the Pope was being accused of failing to act over complaints during the 1990s, where a certain Fr Lawrence Murphy is believed to have molested some 200 boys at St John's School for the Deaf in St Francis, Wisconsin, between 1950 and 1974.

Speaking in Rome at his weekly general audience, he referred to his weekend meeting with abuse victims in Malta.

"I shared with them their suffering and, with emotion, I prayed with them, promising them action on the part of the Church," the Pope said.

Earlier, the Pope also apologized previously for similar acts committed in the US and Australia but has said nothing publicly about similar scandals which took place for many years in his own country, Germany, including at the school where his own brother was choirmaster.

It can also be remembered that the leaders of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (Snap) demonstrated in front of St Peter's Square in Rome, holding up pictures of Fr Murphy and some of his victims.

Pope Benedict then only has to look down from his study window overlooking St Peter's square to see that the wave of international protest against his silence has arrived on his own doorstep.

At a news conference on Thursday in Milwaukee, one of the victims, Arthur Budzinski, said Fr Murphy had begun to assault him when he was 12.

The Catholic Church teaches that it is also a particularly grave sin, in theory subject to extreme sanctions, but the evidence is that priests accused of molesting children were usually moved to another parish rather than being punished or removed from office.

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