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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who should you vote in the First Philippine Automated Election 2010

The long wait is over not only for all the candidates, but also for all the Filipinos who will be part of the first Philippine automated election 2010. By this time, we have heard enough about the candidates as the campaign gets over.

We have also witnessed their campaign strategies and watched their expensive infomercials, and how they criticize each other. We may also have an idea on how much they have spend just to inform us that they want to win.

But while Comelec is still convincing us that there will be only minimal problems, the question is still who should you vote tomorrow, May 10. If you are not yet sure who should you vote for, then you should read this post until the end.

First of all, I think a president should be a man or a woman who is dreaming to become a president someday. In his early age, he should be monitoring the status of his country and will start planning on what to do if he will be elected. Along the process, he will study about economics and money investments and will be successful in his business ventures. He does not need to start in a poor family though, but rather in a decent family where there is love and respect.

On the other hand, he should be able to choose his friends who will guide him to his dream. They will be his connections and introduce him to different aspects of being a president. He does not need to be a lawyer though, but more of a law abider. He should be a disciplined citizen, a humanitarian, and a lover of peace and nature. However, he should know when to get mad and wear an iron fist if necessary. In addition, he should stand with his own principles even only a few agree with him.

Lastly, he should have a strong faith with his God whoever he is and will respect other religion. He should understand the separation of the state and the church, and will not use his religion to make money for his candidacy. But most of all, he should be a strong leader and ready to face all kinds of challenges.

For the vice president, he or she should also be ready to act as president anytime. However, he should not join forces with a presidential candidate or transfer another political party just to have a greater chance of winning. Once elected, he should not join any conspiracy just to oust the president and respect what the president says. In short, he should patiently wait for his time.

For senators and congressmen, they should have a deep knowledge about the law since they will be more of a lawmaker rather than an investigator. This is the problem that is getting worst in Philippine politics, and being abused by politicians. Being in a legislative seat does not require you to build streets and schools where your name is printed as if your money was spend for that project. It is funny that there are mayors and governors who run for congress because they are spending their last term. Sad to say, this contagious disease is vice versa.

For party list representative which is usually taken for granted, you should understand that they are similar to congressman but will instead represent a marginalized sector, say farmers. These days, some politicians (even businessman and religious leaders) are smart enough to use this tactics to rape our country. So before you choose one, know its leader and investigate if his representation is valid and legal.

To me, there’s nothing wrong with using your family name or popularity when running for a government position. But you should be able to prove something before going into a high position, instead of telling us that you can help the poor. Besides, it is the taxpayers who are building the economy of the country and not the poor. Most poor people are depending on the government instead of thinking how they can help themselves and the country.

I have been raised in a very poor family, but I did not ask anything nor steal from anybody. My debts are getting higher but I am paying my taxes. I work hard and learning how my money can work for me instead of blaming the government. After all, corruption can be a part of any job and only each of us can prevent it if we really want to.

I let the government do its thing, but I take responsibility on who I will vote for.

So let us prove to these politicians that voting is all about dignity.

Let us show the world how much we love our country.

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