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Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Automated Election 2010 Scandal

As I am writing this post, the first Philippine automated election is still going on and I heard it will be extended from 6pm to 7pm to make sure all voters will be entertained. I must admit, I am excited to vote hoping that my country will change for the better.

So together with my wife, we went to a elementary school in a town here in Batangas at around 9am. We transferred our voter’s registration here since we have been living for more than 2 years.

Anyway, the weather is hot and people are falling in long lines. As usual, there were some people inside the school giving away sample ballots where names and photos of candidates appear.

After almost two hours of sweat and thirst, I am now near the door when suddenly I witnessed what I can call the Philippine automated election 2010 scandal.

A top local elected official came waving, along with two police escorts. She is running for another top local position, probably because she will finish her second term and she is temporarily not allowed to run for the same position.

All eyes are at her as she went straight inside the room and shook hand with almost everybody. I thought she belongs to the senior citizens group since she was prioritized, but I did not see her show her Senior Citizen’s card.

Amusingly, she seems confused on what to do so the election officers gladly assisted her. Finally, she cast her vote in less than ten minutes and left the room. But I was more amused with her attitude as she was leaving the room. She smiled a lot and talked to the people outside the room (including me), and kept reminding us about her candidate number!

I am new here in this town and I am not yet familiar with politicians here. So I asked some of our trusted neighbors whom they think deserve their vote, and the name of that candidate was very popular.

As I am casting my vote, I realized that there is a reason why it took me that long before I can vote. It did not really gave a sign whom I should vote, but at least I learned that one candidate do not deserve to win.

I know some of you also witnessed the same kind of election scandal, so I urge you to voice it out and do not allow such candidates to rape our country.

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JENAISLE said...

Ang kapal ano? Buti nga hindi mo binoto, she should like up like the rest of us. Sana hindi manalo...he he he... TC