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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working all day without overtime pay

Yes, it has been more than two months that I have been working all day without overtime pay. To most of us, this is a nightmare since we know we should be paid accordingly in excess of eight hours a day or forty-eight hours a week. In some countries, people are even being paid in hourly basis and therefore working time is strictly being considered.

But then, I think that it is better to work without overtime pay rather than not to have a work at all. One might think that companies like them are taking advantage, but not for me. As months went by, I realized that I made the right decision accepting the job offer although I know not everybody will agree with me. Not unless they read this post until the end.

First of all, I know this will happen since it has been discussed to me during the job interview four months ago, in which I agreed. The employer told me that I will be paid on a monthly basis but no overtime pay. The pay seems to be fair so I readily accepted the terms and conditions. I also understand how tough it is to be a Manufacturing Supervisor since it was my last job and I have been there for almost seven years. The only difference is that I am receiving overtime pay.

According to my present employer, my working hours is from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Thursday and 8am-5pm on Fridays. The excess of one hour on the first fours days shall go to Saturday and therefore I do not need to work on this day although I am already paid halfday. Sunday then is my rest day, or what we call family day.

But starting May or last month, I have been working from 6am and I usually leave the office at 7pm including Saturdays. I have been working on three consecutive Sundays, all of them whole day and without overtime pay. Now, call we call it illegal or abusive on the part of my employer? I do not think so since I am not really being forced to do it. I know my responsibilities and I feel the sense of urgency of the task given to me. But of course, it is more than that.

Not all employees and workers will agree with me, but I believe that we are being paid not for the hours we work but rather on how we work. Some employees do their job as they are told, but not more than that. Afterward, they expect to receive a high appraisal rate during the evaluation period. They do not realize that they have been paid already during payday. If they render overtime, they are also being paid accordingly.

Now, let us talk about quality and responsibility. If you are controlling quality in your work, then you will minimize your mistakes. If you minimize your mistake, then you are also helping the company to save money. But if are also controlling quality in the work of your co-workers or fellow employees, then you are also helping the company saving a lot of money. It may not be your job anymore but it is what I call sense of responsibility, and this is when your employer will love you more. Employers love employees who work more than they are being expected.

The same thing goes when you work all day without overtime pay, but of course with high quality and sense of responsibility. However, you should make sure that your employer feels you and the credit will not be on someone else. To achieve this, you will need a mature superior who will motivate you and guide you all the way. You should also be supported by your colleagues and other concerned departments. Most of all, your employer should recognize your excess effort. Otherwise, you will not enjoy your work.

So now, which do you think is better? Being paid as you work or working all day without overtime pay? Not to mention if your employer gives high bonus rate every six months.

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