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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I missed an interview for Mel and Joey Father’s Day Special

Today is Father’s Day, and children from all walks of life are celebrating with their fathers. I am glad that I have no work today to have time for my family, although we do not have plans of going out to celebrate.

But somehow, I feel sad that I missed a rare chance of being featured on national TV. Yes, a once in lifetime opportunity has just passed and I blew it away. Unfortunately, I missed an interview for Mel and Joey on their Father’s Day special.

Here is my sad story.

Last June 7, I received a message on my Facebook from a certain Shoh Mondragon. According to the message, I was invited to be interviewed which will be featured on one of the finest TV shows of GMA7, Mel & Joey and is being aired every Sunday night. Apparently, Shoh left a contact number so I can acknowledge immediately.

But since I am very busy working all day, it took me another week before I read the message. Sad to say, Shoh informed me that the line up for the Father’s Day special is already complete and my reply is late. However, I told Shoh that they can still mention my name and that I have a Father Blogger dot Com blog which is about parenting, marriage, and blogging.

Now, should I blame myself for not checking my Facebook account regularly? Should I include my contact number on my Facebook profile although it is not safe? Should I pity myself or blame my employer? Should I be thankful that I missed it because I am really busy these days? Or should I accept the fact that it is yet my time to be a star? Lol!

But anyway, I think I learned my lesson well. I realized that having a Facebook account is more than just having fun, it is also a responsibility. It is not only exposing your self to the world and meeting old friends, but also possibly having new ones. It is a wide window to let others what you got and what you can share. For businessmen, it is a free marketing strategy that can help their business grow and to communicate with their customers.

For now, I am still hoping that there will be another chance not only to show what I have but also to help fellow parents as well as to guide lovers and couples. I would also like to thank Shoh for finding me, and I assumed she browsed my parenting blog before she left the message. This means she liked it and saw that it is an interesting topic for Father’s Day.

By the way, I am a great fan of Mel and Joey since day one and even when Mr. Jay Sonsa was still on the show and on the other channel. The show is hosted by highly respected news anchor Mel Chiangco, with Comedy Ace and artist Mr. Joey de Leon,The show features interesting topics and also gives tips about different aspects in life, and they do it with fun. The show also exposes the lighter side of Mel Chiangco and the serious side of Joey de Leon, which makes it more enjoyable to watch.

I then hope you will have time to watch it regularly just like I do, especially tonight on their Father’s Day Special. I am sure that fathers and children will learn a lot and even mothers too. I wish they will invite me again next year and will make sure that I will not miss the chance again.

But just like my brother said, it takes a good sperm to be a father but it takes a good man to be a great father.

Happy Father’s Day!

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reginald de paz said...

Sayang naman sir angel... Anyway proud na proud kami sa yo... Happy fathers day...