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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why the Philippines will never have a Good President

I have been exercising my vote this since the Marcos regime, but all the presidential candidates that I voted for did not win. It is maybe because I have been choosing the wrong candidate or maybe only a few of us know how to vote wisely. The last reason I want to say is because of rampant cheating, and I hope I made you smile a bit.

Anyway, I did not say that the past presidents have been bad. But I truly believe that a good president may not always start as a good presidential candidate. Apparently, the election here in the Philippines is still very far from what I expect. Well, it’s maybe because we never learn or we do not want to learn.

So before casting your vote this coming May, let me explain why I think the Philippines will never have a good president.

First of all, a good president may not exactly a good presidential candidate. A good presidential candidate should tell the nation that he can stop the corruption, maintain peace and order, and make our economy grow. Unfortunately, he will need more than a billion pesos just to make him popular. Otherwise, only a few will notice him.

Consequently, he will need huge machinery and a lot of friends to help his face scattered all over the country. He will also need to have a few cash on his wallet when someone asks him for help. If he cannot even afford to sponsor a few events, then he will be as good as a nuisance candidate. Needless to say, he should also be kind to the media people if he wants his image to be exposed nicely.

Now, let us assume that he is good enough as a candidate so he will win; but his headache has just began. It’s payback time, my friends. We Filipinos are very friendly, you know. We sell our carabaos just to feed the whole barangay during fiestas, and even get a high-interest loan just to please our visitors on weddings. Interestingly, that’s just a part of our being a very hospitality people and being a good president.

On the other hand, honesty is also a part of being a good president. But who among us can say that he is always honest? If he does, then he is not being honest. Will you tell your potential foreign business investor that your country sucks? Have you ever known a president who did not get richer after his term? Can someone convince me that we did not have freedom after the World War 2?

My countrymen, corruption will never be stopped, poverty will always be ours, and killings will continue. Corruption is present because we allow it even in our homes. We are poor because we chose to be poor; we don’t bother to learn the stock market. There are killings because of our evil minds, and not because we have bad presidents. Therefore, all of these problems are our personal choices. We just look for reasons for not doing what we are supposed to do.

We are good citizens, industrious people, and humans who care for each other especially for our family. We are already talented, intelligent, and highly skilled; but foreign countries are getting the more benefits out of us. Most bright workers are leaving the country to serve other countries. No wonder, our country is being left behind in terms of almost everything.

The OFWs suffer a lot for their families and their future, but not for their country. They may be bringing home pride and honor but it is the country that they worked for that will feel the long term effect of their act. A hero suffers a lot for his country, and sometimes even forgets that he has a family. A hero is someone doing the right thing at the right place at the right time.

Now, here’s the kicker. The reason why the Philippines will not have a good president is because we don’t need one. What we need for a president is a smart one who knows when to lie and when to tell the truth, a tough president who can handle tough situations like natural calamities and terrorism. He should also have an iron hand if necessary, and has Mathematics as one of his favorite subjects so he cannot easily be fooled by numbers. Finally, we need a president who can motivate us to love our country more than anywhere else.

Don’t worry, I will still cast my vote this coming May although I am quite sure that my chosen presidential candidate will not win. I got used to it, and I am even proud of it simply because I know how to vote wisely.

I hope you do too…

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1 comment:

JENAISLE said...

Hi Angel,

Your points are worthy of perusal. I will vote for a president which has the brains and the honesty to call a spade a spade. We all have our candidates and since no on is perfect, I'll vote for the lesser evil....good luck to you and to your endeavors. Best regards.