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Friday, April 2, 2010

GMA7 vs ABS CBN 2 2010: And the winner is…

This year 2010, GMA7 vs ABS CBN 2 continues as these two giant local TV networks aim to win the number one TV station. For all you know, ABS CBN 2 restored its power after the People Power in 1986, while GMA7 is now celebrating its 60th year anniversary. Needless to say, each of them has its own different strategy to win the majority of the audience although there are times I feel that they are copying each other.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to know each other’s strong points and weak points. With that, allow me to share my observations which are not intended to degrade anybody. Instead, I hope they will be used as a guide so they can improve more.

So is it GMA7 (Kapuso) or ABS CBN 2 (Kapamilya) this 2010? And the winner is…

The early morning show of ABS CBN 2’s Umagang Kay Ganda has Anthony Taberna as their ace, while Pinky Web and Karen Davila (a former GMA7 news anchor) are continuously improving. I have been watching GMA7’s Unang Hirit since day one, and I got used to Arnold Clavio and the rest of the gang. Love Anover deserves her throne as the Reyna ng Kalsada (Queen of the Streets) for her traffic update and other stuff, although puppet Arn-Arn rarely adds spice to the show. Mareng Winnie Monsod has sharp comments but Anthony Taberna has the sharper ones.

For the noontime show, ABS CBN 2’s Wowowie seem to win a bigger crowd now but it cannot put GMA 7’s Eat Bulaga down easily. It must be remembered that Eat Bulaga once aired at ABS CBN 2, while GMA7’s Lunchdate only got closer due to the popularity of Randy Santiago. Don’t forget also that Eat Bulaga is now on its 30th year which means the star magic of Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon never run out of style.

Apparently, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) consistently shines from the first season and the recent Melason effect can still be felt. Young love teams like Gerald-Kim are now with the veterans, which make them better actors rather than just sweet love team idols. The Albert Martinez-Gabby Concepcion back to back brings us back to the 80s and a lot better this time. As for me, the teleserye of ABS CBN are better than the fantaserye of GMA7 maybe because the latter focuses on the younger audience.

In terms of great actresses of today, Judy Ann Santos is again the teleserye queen on her Habang May Buhay at ABS CBN 2, although Claudine Baretto (a former ABS CBN drama talent) might have a good fight when she makes a comeback at GMA7 in the near future. Marian Rivera may be the latest superstar of GMA7 and in her own right, but I notice that she is starting to lose her charisma. I also feel that ABS CBN 2 has better story writers than GMA7 these days.

Meanwhile, Regine Velasquez and boyfriend Ogie Alcacid may be the King and Queen of local music industry today but GMA7’s Sunday noontime show SOP is already gone. Although Party Pilipinas was recently launched, the effect on fans is still hard to assume. GMA7 may have a lot more music talents than ABS CBN 2, but ABS CBN 2 has put a stronger impact plus they have Charice Pempengo on the side. In terms of talent search shows, It’s Showtime and Pilipinas Got Talent which are both from ABS CBN 2 are far better than GMA7’s Diz Is It and its other talent search shows.

On the other hand, Kris Aquino is still the Queen of Talks and continuous to be among the most controversial and influential individuals of today. It is hard to say though how things will be different after the May 2010 election, while her brother Noynoy Aquino continuous to be a very strong presidential candidate. Furthermore, Kuya Kim continues to shine while Vice Ganda is unstoppable with his (I mean her) brand of comedy and talent, as well as Ted Failon who is so adorable in his comeback at Failon Ngayon.

But for journalism and serious issues, I suppose everyone will agree if I say that GMA7 is better. I sleep early but I don’t mind waking up very early in the morning just to watch the replay of shows like Reporter’s Notebook, Case Unclosed, and others. Kara David, Howie Severino, and the rest of the team are simply incomparable. I am even not surprised that Jessica Soho ranked third as the most trusted Filipino in the recent Readers’s Digest survey since she is very human. In addition, Mel Tiangco is always at her best at Kapuso Foundation, while Mike Enriquez remains as the best ever Imbestigador ng Bayan.

GMA7 vs ABS CBN 2 2010 is still far from over, and a lot of things can still happen. But for the meantime, I think the winner in terms of journalism and public service is GMA7 but ABS CBN 2 is winning in the entertainment field.

But of course, the issue of who is copying who will never end.

In the end, I just wish that both of them will continue to be responsible and committed to serve the Filipinos worldwide especially for the children.

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